Incident Management Cloud himalaya Nepal

Operation Management

Our brand equity relies on maintaining optimal uptime and availability

The Cloud Himalaya Operations team serves as the forefront defense, ensuring the 24×7 real-time security and resilience of the data center, with a swift and vigilant Command and Control team always prepared to intervene when needed. Our Operations team is dedicated to monitoring the live performance metrics of critical components, including CPU, Memory, network packets for IDS, bandwidth, firewall, power, cooling, fire & safety systems, temperature, humidity, airflow, water, smoke detection, biometric door access, and video surveillance. 

Each element of the data center’s critical infrastructure is equipped with dual controllers and redundant devices operating in an active-active mode, bolstering the overall reliability. Any deviations from the norm trigger an incident ticket, complete with specified priority and associated criticality, promptly assigned and addressed by the accountable and responsible team. 

At Cloud Himalaya, failure is not an option. Our unwavering commitment to deliverance ensures that businesses can trust in the robust security and operational efficiency of their hosted data.