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Cloud Himalaya's Colocation Excellence in Nepal

Experience unparalleled reliability and performance with Cloud Himalaya’s colocation service in Nepal. Our Tier-4 data center, designed with end-to-end redundancy, ensures your critical IT infrastructure and data are available 24×7, meeting SLA standards. Outsourcing your data center needs to Cloud Himalaya not only guarantees constant availability but also allows you to reduce CAPEX significantly.

Maintain control over OPEX as your projects scale up or down by choosing from our wide selection of private cages, multiple racks, half racks, or a few units, all backed by guaranteed SLAs. Enjoy peace of mind with disaster compliance, including point, rolling, site, and GEO considerations, ensuring your data is readily accessible.


Elevate Your Business with Cloud Himalaya's Tier-4 Colocation Powerhouse


Cloud Himalaya boasts the rare distinction of being Nepal's only Tier-4 data center, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance in the hosting industry.

Peace of
Mind Assurance

Our disaster compliance strategy covers point, rolling, site, and GEO considerations, providing a comprehensive solution for the security and accessibility of your data.

Redundancy and Reliability

Our infrastructure is meticulously designed with end-to-end redundancy, guaranteeing 24x7 availability in adherence to SLA standards.

Dedicated Support Prowess

Cloud Himalaya's colocation service comes with a fully dedicated support team, ready to navigate and optimize your hosting journey. Readily available to meet you need.


Get a range of hosting options – private cages, multiple racks, half racks, or a few units – allowing you to scale your projects with ease. Scalability at your finger tips.


Access Cloud Himalaya's managed and professional services on-demand, providing the agility and flexibility needed to meet the evolving demands of your business landscape.

Frequently Asked Question

01What sets Cloud Himalaya's Colocation Service apart from others?

Cloud Himalaya is Nepal's sole Tier-4 data center, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance. Our colocation service combines this tier-4 excellence with meticulous redundancy, scalability options, and dedicated support.

02How does Cloud Himalaya ensure 24x7 availability of my critical data?

Our infrastructure is designed with end-to-end redundancy, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to your critical IT infrastructure. This commitment is backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) adhering to industry standards.

03How do you handle bandwidth pricing for colocation services?

Cloud Himalaya offers flexible pricing options for both internet and intranet bandwidth, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your specific needs and usage patterns.

04Are Managed and Professional Services available on-demand?

Yes, Cloud Himalaya provides on-demand access to Managed and Professional Services, empowering you with flexibility and agility to address evolving business requirements. This ensures that you can optimize your hosting environment as needed.


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